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Bridging Loan For House

The perfect plan for buying the perfect house

Once you have found the right property to buy and wish to move in quickly, then a bridging loan for the house will work perfectly for you. A bridging loan to buy a house is considered mainstream, and a lot of buyers utilize this to purchase a house.

Bridging finance to buy a property works wonders when you need to move in fast, as it allows you to complete quickly. It’s a flexible option secured from the value of bricks and mortar. The lenders tend to consider borrowers with varied credit statuses. Also, bridging loans help you not only with residential loans but also commercial, building plots, and land with no planning permission.

Finspace FAQs

Are there monthly payments? +

It depends on you. You have the option to service the loans or have the amount deducted from the gross value, which leads you to no monthly payments. 

How can Finspace help? +

If you are waiting to buy that perfect house, then call us for the perfect package, and our team of professional brokers will guide you throughout the process and help you choose the best option considering your circumstances.

How much can I borrow on a mortgage as a non-UK citizen? +

The amounts of funds you can borrow depend on the following factors: 

  • The property you are purchasing
  • The amount of deposit available
  • Your yearly income
  • Stability of income
  • Your credit history 


Our Process

Simply tell us a little about your business and we’ll be in touch to talk through
possible solutions tailored specifically to you


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Simply us a little about your business and we’ll be in touch to talk through
possible solutions tailored specifically to you. 

Our clients say.

As a new start-up developer, with a clear focus on delivering high-quality, contemporary homes that support the drive to mitigate climate change we have been extremely well-supported by [Finspace], as we looked to navigate the wealth of finance options out there in the market.

By Newly Incorporated Developer

Despite all the complexities, (Finspace) were able to secure a lender to enable us to commence our project immediately.


The line of communication is always open regardless of the day, night, or weekend, valuing the client’s needs over and above everything else. We are looking to do another project (with Finspace) and we have no hesitation in commending them.





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