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You have come to the right place if you are in the market for an efficient and
flexible stretched senior loan.

Stretch Senior Debt

Work with us when you need to stretch your equity further but don’t need to deal with multiple lenders.

Stretched senior loans offer higher leverage than traditional development finance. At Finspace, our team can source stretched senior loans for experienced, proven developers working on projects with attractive profit-to-cost ratios. Our dedicated development finance brokers have nurtured stable relationships with lenders that can offer market-leading rates in the fastest timescales.

Stretched senior loan can take leverage up to 90% loan to cost (LTC) or 75% of a project’s gross development value (GDV). This is ideal for developers looking for some extra cash to fund cost overruns.

Finspace FAQs

What is a senior stretch loan? +

These loans combine senior and junior debt into a single package and are named because they "stretch" to accommodate the borrower's financing needs.

What is stretched debt? +

Stretch debt is a first charge development fund that provides an even higher Loan to Cost or Loan to Value percentage than typical senior debt finance can allow.

Why use a broker? +

In our view, people use brokers for two main reasons;

  1. To get access to a wider range of deals in the market 
  2. To increase the success rate of securing deals in time and within budget


Our Process

Simply tell us a little about your business and we’ll be in touch to talk through
possible solutions tailored specifically to you


Decision in



& Funding

Simply us a little about your business and we’ll be in touch to talk through
possible solutions tailored specifically to you. 

Our clients say.

As a new start-up developer, with a clear focus on delivering high-quality, contemporary homes that support the drive to mitigate climate change we have been extremely well-supported by [Finspace], as we looked to navigate the wealth of finance options out there in the market.

By Newly Incorporated Developer

Despite all the complexities, (Finspace) were able to secure a lender to enable us to commence our project immediately.


The line of communication is always open regardless of the day, night, or weekend, valuing the client’s needs over and above everything else. We are looking to do another project (with Finspace) and we have no hesitation in commending them.





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