How To Get Planning Permission For Building On Green Belt Land In The Uk

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Can you build on the green belt?

Permission on the green belt is easier said than done, but not impossible! According to one survey;

  • Last year, planning applications to build more than 30,000 homes on UK green belts were submitted.
  • In the past years, many homes were constructed on UK green belts.
  • In 2017, the numbers of homes built on the UK green belt doubled the previous year.

Find all the essentials about green belts and learn how to get planning permission to build on them. As a property developer, have you ever thought about building a plot on green belt land to build your own house or to construct a building for property investment?

Or like many other landlords, have you ever thought about building your house in the countryside? Have you ever imagined what it would be like to get planning permission on a green belt in the UK?

Ways to Secure Planning Permission in the Green Belt in the UK 

The green belt planning designations intend to control inappropriate development to protect the countryside of the UK from urban sprawl, encroachment, and other construction. You might have heard that getting planning permission for building on green belt land in the UK is impossible or difficult, and you will need a strong justification for it.

Conversion of Agriculture Building

Agricultural buildings don’t normally constitute ‘Previously Developed Land’ which prevents their demolition and replacement with homes. However, they can often be renewed for residential use utilising permitted development rights. There are, though, some constraints on the use of these rights – no more than five homes can be created, for example, and there are some size limitations, although these are fairly liberal following further relaxation of the permitted development rules in 2018.

Affordable Housing on Green Belt Land 

Demand for affordable housing is a concern right across the UK and this can be particularly severe in rural locations.  The authorities make provision for exception sites for new homes to build in the green belt to meet the need. This is only allowed where there is concrete evidence to support the request.

Building Homes for Agriculture Workers

The authorities acknowledge the need for agriculture workers to live in a specific location in specific circumstances.  There are reasons why farmers must live in such sites such as animal welfare which can constitute the special situations required to allow a new home to be built in the green belt.

Securing planning permission for your development in the green belt is not certainly easy but equally, if you approach with a plan and understand the risk and how to alleviate these then there are good chances you get the approval.

All in all, having a planning consultant by your side who understands nuances of policies will be helpful.

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