How To Increase Rental Income With Renovation

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As per one of our clients, “There’s a no bigger enemy to a landlord than a vacancy.” Retaining renters is a crucial talent for landlords to master. For this purpose, rental properties should be comfortable, functional, and attractive.

Renovating your home has very long benefits. Don’t renovate your rental property like you are renovating your own home. It is significant to renovate the rental home as per tenants and modern standards. The renters are not likely to take care of your home like your own, so it’s not worth investing time and money.

Increase Value with Property Renovation

From small doses like updating hardware to larger projects like knocking down walls, there are many ways to ramp up a space for tenants. But what renovations add the most value to a rental property?

Renters place a lot of weight on the look, feel, and function of the kitchen and bathroom. We’ll start there and work our way through other suggested improvements to increase the value of your rental property.

Replace Broken Fixtures

If there’s anything dented or scratched in your rental property, it needs to be replaced whether it’s a broken dishwasher, a defective light, or a leaking tap. You should also upgrade light fixtures to more current replacements. Consider using LED bulbs in your rental home as it can increase value. If you are paying for the efficacies, this will also reduce your energy costs.

Many renovation issues are easy to ramp up and do not require extensive work. And fixing them can make the rental property much more lively to prospective tenants.


If your home is completely carpeted, consider an expert carpet cleaner. They can make carpets look new and improve air quality. Professionals know their work and they will make a difference.

You can’t renovate your flooring by replacing the carpet with easier-to-maintain flooring. Hardwood surfaces look modern and don’t trap smells and stains the carpet does. Most tenants now look for hardwood flooring, hardwood flooring elevates the look and makes the space feel bigger.

Renovate Kitchen and Bathrooms

When it comes to transforming your kitchen, focus on replacing old appliances with a new one, transforming cabinets, upgrading countertops, and replacing cabinet hardware. All these variations will make a big impression on the overall look and functionality of your kitchen. Likewise, in the bathroom, add inexpensive touches like new spouts or modern tiles to complete the look. They can also mean easier cleaning and revenue between future tenants.

Paint the Walls

While you do not do it every year, after a couple of years painting the wall will enhance the beauty of your rental property. It will brighten up the space and give the house a clean touch. Painting wall is the easiest renovation to increase revenue.

All in all, performing a renovation or additional fixtures will elevate the value of your house. It will also allow you to increase the rent and make difference in the market.

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