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Commercial Mortgage Broker

Finance is a major hurdle in property acquisition and retention. We are experts in overcoming this hurdle.

A commercial mortgage is another type of funding where businesses borrow money from lenders to buy commercial properties. It can also be used for different reasons, including investing, buying property, property development, buying vehicles, machinery, and other equipment. Commercial property mortgage rates differ according to usage, but its benefits can help you invest in the right place at the right time.

Key features

With our help, you can invest for a longer period since we provide a repayment facility from one to 25 years. 

You can choose from a variable or fixed-rate mortgage and switch between these. These fixed rates can vary from a couple of years to 10 years depending on buyer profile and property type.

Finspace FAQs

Who can apply for a commercial mortgage? +

A commercial mortgage is designed specifically for business purposes only, leaving us with no choice but to provide our services to companies only. 

What are the eligibility criteria? +
  • We check the following to mark you as eligible 

    • Cash flow
    • Business income
    • Ability to pay the deposit
    • 2 years of trading accounts
    • Proof of ID and residency 
    • Property types e.g. 
      • Shops
      • Warehouse 
      • Factories 
      • Pubs 
      • Restaurants
      • Offices 
Can I get a commercial mortgage to start my business? +

If you have a deposit higher than 50% of the purchase price then yes you can get a commercial mortgage to buy a property.

Our Process

Simply tell us a little about your business and we’ll be in touch to talk through
possible solutions tailored specifically to you


Decision in



& Funding

Simply us a little about your business and we’ll be in touch to talk through
possible solutions tailored specifically to you. 

Our clients say.

As a new start-up developer, with a clear focus on delivering high-quality, contemporary homes that support the drive to mitigate climate change we have been extremely well-supported by [Finspace], as we looked to navigate the wealth of finance options out there in the market.

By Newly Incorporated Developer

Despite all the complexities, (Finspace) were able to secure a lender to enable us to commence our project immediately.


The line of communication is always open regardless of the day, night, or weekend, valuing the client’s needs over and above everything else. We are looking to do another project (with Finspace) and we have no hesitation in commending them.




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