Commercial Mortgages

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A commercial mortgage investment is a long term loan used to buy or refinance a commercial property. The charges can be slightly higher in cases where the property is owner occupied. How are applications accessed for commercial mortgage investments

Few factors are considered when accessing an application; the property, lease, and applicant. The applicant’s history, financial position, and experience of letting, commercial and residential property have been checked. You can borrow commercial property investment mortgages depending on the three factors – loan sizes, loan to value, and affordability. As a professional broker in the UK, we provide you with excellent services as per your needs. Contact us and we can discuss your financial needs via email or telephone.  


BTL mortgages can be arranged on singular or multiple residential investment properties including blocks of flats. Mortgages for Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) are available for properties with 3 or more occupants and clients generally enjoy higher yields with this type of investment Read more.

Medium Term Mortgages +

These can be used to bridge a gap between acquiring or refinancing a property until a more long-term mortgage solution can be obtained and typically have a maximum term of 3-5 years. This could be a solution for properties that are not currently let or the current yield is too low to support a more tradition investment mortgage
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Semi-Commercial +

Quite similar to commercial mortgages, these facilities are used for a mixed use scheme that consists of commercial and residential space, a flat above a shop for example. Due to the residential element, it normally means the LTV can be up to 75% which is higher than a pure commercial loan
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