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Capital Raises

Unbiased, professional capital raising advice from the top mortgage broker in the UK

Capital raise mortgages are a common method used to release some equity to secure loans for a variety of uses, from other purchases to debt clearance. Capital rise allows you to allocate funds with limited restrictions.

Mostly used when gifting property to a closed one, in investments, during ‘buying out’ processes in divorce, and to fund the in-home refurbishment, capital raising mortgages, particularly in remortgages, are hugely suitable. Connect with us for assistance with your capital raising mortgage application or for advice. We will guide you throughout the process and find the most suitable solution for you.


Large Portfolio Refinance / Restructuring +

Large Portfolio refinances are generally carried out to save money on the clients existing loan agreement or to replace an expiring loan agreement. A refinance can also be a good way to capital raise, subject to LTV etc., for further expansion within the portfolio. A restructure can be done if stakeholders are being reshuffled or the ownership is changing completely, whether it is on or off-shore, Limited Co or LLP Read more.

Multiple Asset Classes +

Complex mortgages can be arranged to cover the vast majority of asset classes. These facilities can be arranged with one mortgage which covers the mixed asset classes or they can be broken up into separate ownership structures with a mortgage that covers each one. Which way these are arranged is generally guided by the clients current or future tax commitments Read more.

Complex Ownership Structures +

Long Term Finance can be arranged for most ownership structures whether they are on or off-shore and there can often be large group chains that need to be assessed. Mortgages can be arranged for the vast majority of these and the LTV’s are similar to standard product ranges Read more.

Portfolio Finance Case Studies


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