Complex Ownership Structures

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Complex Ownership Structures

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A complex ownership mortgage in the UK is a mortgage for anyone earning money through multiple sources or titles which have multiple concerns. It could be foreign income, a mixture of different earnings, and varying income patterns that separates your income from the standard.

We have a market-leading reputation for providing the best mortgage solutions in such complex scenarios. We can cater to high loan-to-value mortgages, complex funds, unconventional mortgages, overseas nationals and residents, and complex property types. We work with a wide range of lenders in the market and are familiar with their criteria to deliver the best solution that suits your projects.

Large Portfolio Refinance / Restructuring

Large Portfolio refinances are generally carried out to save money on the clients existing loan agreement or to replace an expiring loan agreement. A refinance can also be a good way to capital raise, subject to LTV, etc., for further expansion within the portfolio. A restructure can be done if stakeholders are being reshuffled or the ownership is changing completely, whether it is on or off-shore, Limited Co or LLP Read more.

Capital Raises

If a client has a suitably lowly-geared property portfolio a Capital Raise can be a good way for the client to access funds for onward business investment. The majority of Capital Raises are used for property investment, whether that be expanding the property investment portfolio or extracting funds for a property development project
Read more.

Multiple Asset Classes

Complex mortgages can be arranged to cover the vast majority of asset classes. These facilities can be arranged with one mortgage which covers the mixed asset classes or they can be broken up into separate ownership structures with a mortgage that covers each one. Which way these are arranged is generally guided by the client's current or future tax commitments Read more.

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