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Development Exit Finance

Complete Your Project Effectively

Have you completed or have you decided to refinance your development loan? You are in the right place. We offer development exit finance!

Development exit loans are simple funds that allow developers to refinance their development loan. Refinance can take place at any stage after the development is complete. Developers never want to sell their units spontaneously, nor do they want to pay extra fees with their existing lender. Both options can errode profits. Therefore, Developer exit finance can provide the time needed to market and sell the units. With flexible terms and interest accruing daily, you can pay back the loan quickly.

Bridging Loans +

Bridging Finance is a flexible finance option which is generally secured over property, whether it is Residential, Commercial or Land. The term of the loan ranges anywhere between 1 and 24 months. The funds raised can be used for any type of business purpose if there is a robust exit (repayment) strategy
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Refurbishment Loans +

These loans can fund any type of property refurbishment, ranging from a new kitchen & bathroom to full remodelling, conversions & extensions.

This is a very competitive space in the market and there are some attractive funding offers available at high loan to values
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Loan Extensions & Refinance +

If an existing bridging loan is approaching or has past its expiry date, we can arrange re-bridges to provide extra time and extra capital if required until your original repayment strategy can be executed Read more.

Bridge to Let +

These are flexible two stage loans which allow an un-mortgageable property to be purchased and refurbished with a normal bridging loan and then flipped onto a BTL mortgage when the property is tenanted Read more

Land Acquisition +

Property Developers can use this type of loan to acquire or refinance land that either has planning permission or they intend to apply for planning permission for a certain type of development project. This can also be used to change an existing planning permission to increase the project viability Read more

Planning Gain +

These loans can be secured over property or land where a property developer intends to apply for or amend a planning permission. This would generally be done to add value to the site or increase the viability of a scheme. Developers either sell the sites on with the benefit of planning or they take the project forward themselves Read more

Auction +

Properties bought at Auction require a 10% cash deposit on the day and the transaction needs to complete within 28 days generally. Bridging Finance can be used to help ensure the transaction completes in time and some of our lenders will use the auction legal packs for their due diligence which can cut down on set up costs Read more.


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