Finspace Group

Digitalising fintech to power streamlined property transactions online

With our strong marketing and technology background, we have created an in-house tech team to drive our tech roadmap and vision forward.

Over the past year, with the direction of our CTO and managing director, FinSpace has built an in-house tech team of 10 developers to assist us in building and developing a centralised suite to streamline the application process for our clients.

Fin-tech Tools

FinSpace’s technology strategy is two-pronged: ensuring that brokers can process applications with minimal touch while maintaining compliance and providing customers with full transparency on their applications from initial quotes to completion.

We centre our proposition on the use of technology and its internal platform which helps our consultants and clients to source deals through our quoting tool. Our quoting engine will power illustrations which covers our leading lender partners. As for the lender, the streamlined underwriting process provides credit checks, ID verification, AVMs, home track valuations, speed for legal to be constructed and more. This enables uniform packaging for them, higher and regular distribution levels, guaranteed rate of returns and higher conversion rates with integrated communication tools. Ultimately, risks are minimised throughout the application process.  Moreover, exclusive products and competitive funding lines will also be plugged in.

Propflex – The benefits

Propflex is the second part of our tech roadmap, aimed at clients. It will enable customers to source land/property, and finance it, where they can then market their new stock all through Propflex. Propflex’s features have been designed with our client’s needs in mind. The platform helps to streamline the entire process of getting funded with online document management.

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